Company Policy

The main goal of ASA Construction Ltd. is to produce high quality precast concrete products, and through manufacturing processes and construction industry services focusing on quality and environment to obtain the satisfaction of its clients, employees and owners. Our company seeks to assure the conditions of an economical operation, of quality products and quality labour circumstances, bearing in mind also the importance of environmental protection.

ASA Construction Ltd. regulates its production processes with proper methods, trains its employees, maintains a good relationship to partners whom it supports in increasing their quality and environmental performance, respectively it monitors its business processes in order to permanently improve company performance.

ASA Construction Ltd. is committed to the permanent monitoring and compliance with the legal regulations and other requirements concerning the company. For this purpose we are conducting an active and open communication with authorities and all involved parties.

Through identifying and analysing environmental factors and their effects we accomplish goals and implement programs optimizing the consumption of paper, water and electric power resources and make good use of recycling possibilities. This way we maintain the quantity of waste, sewage water and carbon dioxide emissions on an achievable optimum level. Thus it is possible to reach a balance between environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and economic performance. Due to the long years of experience gathered by us, we apply procedures that allow us to reduce the quantity of the production and construction waste. We employ reusable formworks. We strive to keep the noise and vibration load of our construction processes at the lowest level possible. For construction operations we use modern equipments. The improvement of the efficiency of our energy consumption, as well as the reduction of our CO2 emmission is part of our aims. During our operation we seek to reach a balance between customer focus, environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and economical performance.

The more than a hundred years of experience and the know-how base of Consolis support us in maintaining our successfully developed market position, but we do not settle for what we have already achieved. We are devoted to constant improvement and development, we give special importance to the training of our employees, we are testing new design procedures, new software, we are introducing new products, improving the old ones, we are taking over new production methods. We use new and modern machineries and implement new company management tools.

In order to systematically achieve the above ASA Construction Ltd. operates an integrated quality and environmental management system complying with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, for which proper resources are made available by the company management.

Concrete in our Life, Modern Concrete Technology

An enhanced goal of our company is to promote environment-conscious architecture. Reinforced concrete structures are made of natural materials ensuring sustainability during the entire life-cycle of the elements, at the end of which they can be recycled without leaving any inconvenient inheritance to our descendants.

Due to the modern technologies of today we can produce concretes resisting given environmental influences and suitable for new technical challenges. This way the maintenance costs of the ready structures can also be reduced significantly.

Beyond mass demands we also meet individual requirements. The implemented continuous laboratory verifications make it possible to have among our products fair-faced concrete, waterproof concrete, frost resistant concrete, industrial floor concrete, concrete covers, concrete resisting the influences of an aggressive environment and the self-compacting concrete structures.

We have our own concrete laboratory, respectively we have the quality of our concretes regularly verified by an external, independent and accredited laboratory. Furthermore we develop concrete recipes optimized for the given employment area.

The compliance of our concrete and precast reinforced concrete products manufactured in the plant is audited by an in independent organisation certifying compliance by issuing a production control certificate.

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